In the modern astrology world, most people focus on the Sun, Moon, & Ascendant, and the supporting information that the chart might provide to that. This approach is concerned basically with the ego self, and our conscious experience of it… What is the potential of my personality to express itself to the fullest, and what kinds of events will occur to that conscious self, and when? 

There’s nothing wrong with that, but astrology holds deeper potential. Evolutionary Astrology is a paradigm which approaches a lifetime as an expression of the soul, which has its own arc and trajectory across lifetimes. It focuses on the relationship of the conscious mind (or ego) with the unconscious mind (or soul) and the universal mind (or spirit). It develops a nuanced picture of the karmic energies at play in any given situation. It asks basic questions like: What are my main evolutionary lessons and imperatives in this lifetime? What empowers/inhibits the integration of my ego and my soul? What unresolved issues, urges, and desires affect me from the past; from beyond the boundaries of this present lifetime? How can chthonic patterns of thought and action be understood and worked with? 

Instead of simply WHO a person is, It seeks to answer WHY things in our life became what they are presently, and HOW we can move forward empowered to resolve obstacles and blockages. Evolutionary Astrology focuses on releasing and healing the deep, repeating patterns that cause discomfort or harm. It understands the ego self as a temporary manifestation on the soul’s timeless journey, and within the context of a greater trans-personal, universal consciousness… like a fractal harmonic, our personal awareness expresses the great mystery of the Ocean of Consciousness itself.

Evolutionary Astrology was given to Jeffrey Wolf Green by Swami Sri Yukteswar in a powerful dream… Sri Yukteswar explained new principles of astrology to Green in the language of Sanskrit, which Green understood in the dream.  Waking amazed, Green tested these new principles for a decade before teaching others and publishing books on what Yukteswar had told him. The resultant expression of that transmission is known as Evolutionary Astrology.  Nowhere else within the field of astrology on Earth at this time will you find the insights and methods that comprise the core of the Evolutionary approach.

For more information about Evolutionary Astrology, please visit the main web page for Jeffrey Wolf Green’s School of Evolutionary Astrology, run by Deva Green.

Sri Yukteswar
Jeffrey Wolf Green
Deva Green