My work brings the innovative paradigm of Evolutionary Astrology into the clear focus of True Sidereal practice. Evolutionary Astrology has proven to be the most transformative, insightful, and beneficial school of astrology that I’m aware of. The True Sidereal zodiac illuminates the truth of celestial placements. Combined, they form a powerful marriage between the awakened heart of compassion (which animates Evolutionary Astrology) and the wise mind of scientific precision (which pervades the True Sidereal zodiac).” 

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“My experience with One Sky Astrology has been nothing short of life changing. I, like many, have studied astrology throughout my life. Yet, nothing rang true until I started listening to Sidereal Astrology — especially at One Sky Astrology on YouTube. I then had One Sky do several charts for myself & family members. The charts were so in-depth — so well researched — that they gave us the tools to better understand ourselves… achieve our individual goals…. Yet, more importantly, they helped our family dynamic get back onto a more positive & productive track. We are eternally grateful for One Sky Astrology’s insight, input, and support of our personal & family needs. Thank you One Sky Astrology! 🙏💖🙏”


“Thank you for your follow-up and willingness to provide additional clarification on certain points. Your effort in ensuring that I was fully satisfied with the reading is greatly appreciated. The level of detail, care, and ability to articulate complex concepts with ease made the experience truly meaningful.”

“Having had a few readings over the years, I can honestly say Michael of One Sky Astrology is in a league of his own. His chart interpretation and transits are the most thorough and insightful I have ever had . His knowledge and expertise is so extensive and always very interesting! I would highly recommend Michael to anyone. He is also the only astrologer I have ever recommend. Exceptional, thank you Michael. It is always a real joy to connect with Michael. He’s such a lovely man and so easy to talk to, which makes all the difference.”


“I found my chart reading with Michael to be very affirming. I have had my Western and Vedic charts read, and Michael’s chart reading was quite unique and really honed in on very specific areas of my personality and my life experience that the other chart readings did not address and answered many questions I have always had about myself. I felt like Michael held a safe space for me to go deep into exploring my patterns and the karmic situations in my life that needed further understanding and healing. He has a very calming and caring presence and a very clear mastery of the Evolutionary Astrology system he uses in his sessions. I recommend anyone wanting a focused, deep, healing, and unique approach to understanding and working with themselves to seek out Michael of One Sky Astrology for a reading. I was very impressed and felt empowered by my session with him.”

“This was one of the most insightful astrology sessions I’ve ever had. Through Michael’s lens, I saw parts of my chart, and my self, in new ways. His evolutionary bent lends itself to penetrating insights. In addition to the thoughtful, soul-reflecting observations, Michael held beautiful space. He was totally present, interested, and very gentle. I got a lot out of this reading.”


“Out of the multitudinous resources available online today regarding astrology and the readily available tools for people to use, astrology charts are among the most popular. Whether you are an avid advocate of astrology or just an occasional visitor, I have to recommend Michael as the go-to for insights you might not find otherwise. I found him to be very professional, dedicated, and insightful in our session together. The fact that he could tell me specific critical components of life-changing events in my life was not insignificant. However, the real gift is his intuition. Anyone can learn the different disciplines of science, and ancient astrology definitely is a form of science; still, not everyone is skilled in the amalgamation of intuition with the tools of science. I found his insights balanced and succinctly clear in a way that empowered my self-knowledge to continue to move my life in a direction that benefits my highest good and the highest good of those I love. A big shout out to him and a thank you!”

“As a fellow sidereal astrologist, I looked to Michael to give me some insights on some questions I had about astrocartography. He was so generous with his response and resources and at a time when he was personally very busy. So I appreciated that! I also LOVE his lunar cycle videos – very comprehensive and he brings in some of the other energy aspects (i.e. asteroids, etc.).”


“You’re really amazing, as an astrologer, as an analyst, as a therapist, as a seer, as a validator. So worth every penny!”

“Having my natal chart done with Michael was a truly mind blowing experience. I have had my natal chart interpreted a few times before, but this was the one that I found truly indepth, thorough and totally accurate. It has also been the most useful reading to me on my life journey and it was incredible the amount of information Michael was able to give. It made so many things clear to me that I hadn`t really understood before about my life, including my childhood experiences and life path. I booked my transits not long after this, and as I went through the year, Michael`s reading was just so exact it was amazing, not to mention an incredibly useful guide for the months ahead. I now book Michael every year for my transits and can honestly say that as far as I am concerned, Michael is the best astrologer I have ever known. Always I have found him polite, friendly, compassionate and really easy to talk to, all of which are very important when life situations or experiences may be a little sensitive. I would absolutely recommend Michael with no hesitation whatsoever.”


“Who knew so much insight could be gained through astrology?! Michael clearly knows what he’s talking about and not only that – absolutely beams with joy during the session because you can tell he’s doing what he loves. I learned so much about myself and my path. Michael answered all of my questions and gave me deep insight on areas I could focus my energy on to my benefit. I truly enjoyed sitting with him and will absolutely be back when I need some guidance in the future. More awareness needs to be shined on how valuable this subject is and Michael is the place to start.”

“Michael feels like a well seasoned astrologer, who is passionate about what he knows. I am an astrology student and he was great at tailoring our time to where my understanding of astrology is at so that we could go deep into my chart. As a women, I found him very professional and aware of boundaries, and he had also come highly recommended from a friend. I found the reading to be very expansive and grounded. He was realistic about my chart and gave me helpful advice that was focused and sincere.”

“Michael is very knowledgeable about his craft and open minded (no fear, guilt or dogma).. He handles you very gently and holds space for you. If you’re self conscious about your chart, he doesn’t leave you out in the cold as he can see the silver lining in things. The reading helps you to gain insight and articulate some things that you couldn’t before and he gives ample time in a session to get through the information and dialogue about it. He’s very patient, open to questions and somehow manages to deliver and transmute any potentially sensitive topic with ease and grace. I highly recommend getting a reading with Michael.”