The first session with a client will always be a natal chart interpretation, approximately 90 minutes long.  Clients will receive: a printed natal chart, as well as a graphic file of that chart for their digital archives, a full dialogue with me about the details of the chart, an MP3 of the recording of that dialogue for future reference, and ongoing support via email.  You must know your date, location, and time of birth for a full reading (partial readings are possible for those who don't know time of birth).  It takes time to look over a chart and organize notes before a session, so please give at least one week advance notice for appointments.
     Once one understands the basics of their natal chart, future sessions can revolve around specific questions, like: Can you shed light on career and making money?  How can I develop creativity in my life?  What does my astrology say about relationships? What does the next year look like, and how does it relate to me specifically? What do the heavens indicate around travelling next Summer? ...These dialogues may take shorter or longer depending on the complexity of the question.
   I charge $90 for initial sessions, and if you need financial consideration, I have a sliding scale.   For subsequent sessions, the charge is $60/hr.  Send me an email if you have questions about sliding scale work.  I endeavor to be generous.
    Shorter initial sessions are also available which cover the true sidereal Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Chart Ruler, and the Lunar Nodes.  This will give a brief but substantial glimpse into the core personality and life path of the client.  Sessions will be approximately 30 minutes long and cost $30.
     Sessions can be conducted via Skype, Zoom, or in person in Pittsburgh, PA (Millvale).  To book a session, or ask any questions of Michael, email  In partnership with The Millvale House!