Most people's approach to astrology is focused on the Sun, Moon, & Ascendant snapshot, and the supporting information that the chart might provide to that. This approach is concerned basically with the ego self, and our conscious experience of it: what is the potential of my personality to express itself to the fullest, and what kinds of events will occur to that conscious self, and when?  ... but astrology holds the potential to guide us much, much deeper into the energies of our life, with powerful healing potential!

Evolutionary Astrology is a paradigm which focuses on the relationship of the conscious mind (or ego) with the unconscious mind (or soul) and the universal mind (or spirit). It asks the questions: What are my main lessons in this lifetime? What empowers/inhibits the integration of my ego and soul? What unresolved issues, urges, and desires affect me from the past, from beyond the boundaries of this present lifetime? How can I better understand the subconscious and unconscious forces that create patterns of thought and action in my life? It seeks to answer WHY things in our life became what they are presently, and HOW we can move forward, empowered to resolve obstacles and blocks, especially any repeating patterns that may cause discomfort or harm in our lives.  It seeks to understand the expression of the ego self as a manifestation on the soul's journey, and within the context of a greater, or trans-personal, spiritual or universal consciousness... like a fractal harmonic, our personal awareness exists within, and expresses the great mystery of the Ocean of Consciousness itself.  Evolutionary Astrology looks at the map of our ego within this fractal expression, giving vital information about the deeper potential held within each of our lives.

One does not need a belief in karma or reincarnation to apply or benefit from Evolutionary Astrology. If you prefer that framework, it certainly works. If you prefer a philosophical framework that does not include or accept reincarnation or karma, the insight of the Evolutionary Astrology paradigm can still provide meaningful information and benefit on the journey of self-knowledge. We all deal with forces outside the realm of our conscious awareness, and this branch of astrology casts valuable light on those hidden aspects of psyche and consciousness. It can do this regardless of one's personal belief or spiritual orientation.

Generally speaking, astrology is based on the idea that the circumstances and potentials of our lives do not arise randomly, but as part of larger patterns within a great larger pattern. The deep work of astrology is to gain agency by understanding these patterns, empowering us to move more capably within them, and even to change them when possible and appropriate. We can thus set in motion new potentials and futures which are in line with our highest capacity for freedom and sovereignty. Evolutionary Astrology offers a profound set of tools which help us examine the context of our life situations and patterns, helping us to understand the dynamics of our present within the context of our past and possible futures.

I've completed Mark Jones' Foundation Course in Evolutionary Astrology, Steven Forrest's Evolutionary Astrology in Action course, and am currently working towards completion of certification by the Jeffrey Wolf Green School Of Evolutionary Astrology. Mark Jones, through his professional work as a past-life regression hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, has been able to verify and validate the powerful accuracy of the Evolutionary Astrology paradigm. He has left his former profession behind, and now teaches Evolutionary Astrology. For more information on Mark Jones, please visit his page at The Pluto School. Jeffrey Wolf Green, the founder of Evolutionary Astrology, had dreams in which lost or previously unknown ideas, principles, and laws of astrology were revealed by the late Indian yogi and sage Swami Sri Yukteswar (who was Paramahamsa Yogananda's guru). He eventually taught others that system as Evolutionary Astrology. For more information on Jeffrey Wolf Green and the profound origins of Evolutionary Astrology, please visit his site