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2001-2002 :: basic astrological tutoring
Christine Gonze Conrad, l'École d'Astrologie Archétypale

2018 :: True Sidereal Astrology - beginner course
Athen Chimenti, Mastering the Zodiac - masteringthezodiac.com

2018 :: True Sidereal Astrology - advanced course
Athen Chimenti, Mastering the Zodiac - masteringthezodiac.com

2020 :: Counseling Skills for Astrologers Course
Mark Jones, Pluto School of Evolutionary Astrology - plutoschool.com

2020 :: Foundation Course in Transformational Astrology
Mark Jones, Pluto School of Evolutionary Astrology - plutoschool.com

2021 :: The Moon Through the 12 Signs

Steven Forrest, Forrest Astrology - forrestastrology.com

2021 :: Counseling Tools for Therapeutic Astrologers

Mark Jones, Pluto School of Evolutionary Astrology - plutoschool.com

2021 :: Evolutionary Astrology in Action

Steven Forrest, Forrest Astrology - forrestastrology.com

2021 :: Astrology and Soul Psychology

Mark Jones, Pluto School of Evolutionary Astrology - plutoschool.com

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I was lucky enough to stumble upon astrology relatively early in life. At age 19 I met Christine Gonze Conrad as a client... she eventually took me under her wing and did her best to instill in me an appreciation for the basic astrological principles and ideas. I was immediately fascinated by this language of archetypes, mythos, and psyche. The fractal patterns of the cosmos had always mystified me, but the language and utility of astrology awed me. To wake up connected to that awe each day, and be able to provide a conduit to it for others, is a delight that I'm constantly grateful for.

Astrology is so powerful. I consider it a sacred duty to uphold the responsibilities that come along with that power, and I frame everything that I present in terms of personal empowerment... especially challenging influences. Some aspects and placements have certain reputations as "bad", and rightfully so in many cases, but there is great possibility to learn about how to support and balance those specific challenges. Armed with knowledge of the fundamental mechanics at work, we can blend and harmonize energies which may not naturally be at ease, resolving dis-ease and anxieties. We can identify places where tensions build up and avoid potential problems by recognizing constructive outlets for those energies. We can gain tremendous confidence in our natural right to be ourselves; just as we are, and we can realize that although we all carry our unique struggles, there is nothing fundamentally wrong with us. Becoming familiar with one's own astrology starts to build very meaningful bridges between the inner and outer worlds of one's existence.

I've studied astrology for over twenty years, following my own transits as I learned. I came to realize that within the world of western practice and the tropical zodiac, there were things that always made a profound amount of sense, like aspects, personal transits, and returns... and then there were things that I didn't feel. (...like why I felt sure I wasn't actually a Libra Sun, why neither Venus or Mars placements felt right, the rulership of my 2nd house (among others) made no sense, and other instances of feeling jarringly disconnected from my tropical birth chart... like something wasn't right).

Friends suggested that I cast my vedic chart online. When I learned that I could be  a Virgo Sun, that resonated very well, as did the new idea that I did not actually have an overabundance of air planets, but rather earth planets (also matching my experience of myself). These discoveries motivated me. I dug deeper and learned that vedic zodiacs were "sidereal", meaning 'oriented to the stars' while "tropical" ones were oriented to the northern seasons. Digging into the history of astrology, I learned that in the ancient world, astrology had universally been practiced using the actual sky, or with sidereal charts, data, etc.

I was in the course of seeking a sidereal astrologer to consult, when one of my friends told me that she was doing something completely sidereal... not even using the usual zodiac but rather the actual skies... and she wanted to read my chart. She had been studying with a teacher named Athen who was doing something called 'true sidereal astrology'... we sat down and right away it made crisp clear sense. I was looking at what felt like an accurate map... true to my lived experience of myself in every way... a door had opened. 

When we understand and align with the forces at work in our lives, we can gain agency and personal power. On the other hand, we're also able to understand those forces and aspects of our experience which may lie outside of our control. A holistic approach to astrology acknowledges both our natural strengths and limitations, and all in a personally empowering way.  I believe in the ancient maxim that the outer world and inner world reflect each other in oneness. "as above, so below..."  An accurate map of a client's psyche and life path is a profoundly meaningful offering that I can make in order to assist them on their life journey.  It can be a deepening of the knowledge of what makes us unique as individuals, and of our place as an integrated part of the living cosmos, and it's a profound honor to be able to make that offering. 

In service to the highest good and to others, I have completed Mark Jones' Counseling Skills For Astrologers coursework. I also strive to meet and exceed the ethical guidelines for astrological practice agreed upon by the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR).  For an unabridged list of ISAR's code of ethics, click here.

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Thank you to my parents, to the ancestors and the guides, and to my spiritual teachers! Thank you also to Athen Chimenti, Kenneth Bowser, Isaac Rodriguez, Kim Nosworthy-Lovelace, and everyone advancing western sidereal astrology! Special thanks to Alicia at Tides of Io for introducing me to true sidereal, to Mark Jones at The Pluto School for your truly exceptional guidance, and to Jeffery Wolf Green for bringing home a cosmic key for us. Thank you as well to the tropical fam: Steven Forrest, Jamie Partridge, Wayman Stewart, Chani Nicholas, Edwin Learnard, Christine Gonze Conrad, the good people at Cosmic*Intelligence*Agency, and everyone who has blessed me with their knowledge... Kapiel Raaj, Sam Geppi, Ryan Kurczak, Jennifer Jacobsen, the list of the vedic practitioners who have blessed me is much longer but I'll stop there! I'm forever grateful to everyone who carries the flame of star knowledge... may it illuminate our highest truths. 

Thank you for visiting my website.  

with gratitude,

Michael Hartigan

One Sky Astrology

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My experience with One Sky Astrology has been nothing short of life changing. I, like many, have studied astrology throughout my life. Yet, nothing rang true until I started listening to Sidereal Astrology -- especially at One Sky Astrology on YouTube. I then had One Sky do several charts for myself & family members. The charts were so in-depth -- so well researched -- that they gave us the tools to better understand ourselves... achieve our individual goals.... Yet, more importantly, they helped our family dynamic get back onto a more positive & productive track. We are eternally grateful for One Sky Astrology's insight, input, and support of our personal & family needs. Thank you One Sky Astrology! 🙏💖🙏 -- S A R


As a fellow sidereal astrologist, I looked to Michael to give me some insights on some questions I had about astrocartography. He was so generous with his response and resources and at a time when he was personally very busy. So I appreciated that! I also LOVE his lunar cycle videos - very comprehensive and he brings in some of the other energy aspects (i.e. asteroids, etc.).

Julie Sherwood

Who knew so much insight could be gained through astrology?! Michael clearly knows what he's talking about and not only that - absolutely beams with joy during the session because you can tell he's doing what he loves. I learned so much about myself and my path. Michael answered all of my questions and gave me deep insight on areas I could focus my energy on to my benefit. I truly enjoyed sitting with him and will absolutely be back when I need some guidance in the future. More awareness needs to be shined on how valuable this subject is and Michael is the place to start.

Jen Doty