Did you know that mainstream western astrology hasn't been astronomically accurate in over 1800 years?  Once called "divination by means of astronomy" by the ancient Greeks, it has been drifting further and further out of alignment with the actual heavens due to the slight drifting of the "fixed stars" commonly known as the precession of the equinox. Today the mainstream western zodiac, also known as the 'tropical zodiac', has fallen out of alignment with the constellations by over 24 degrees: that's almost an entire zodiac sign! Aristotle promoted the idea that the universe revolved around a fixed Earth, and mainstream western astrology falls in the shadow of that error... unlike any other system of astrology ever practiced, the western world has inherited a zodiac that orients itself to the seasons of the northern hemisphere, a view that is not only Geo-centric (Earth-centered), but also Euro-centric.  Today we know that our solar system is Helio-centric (Sun-centered) and that the fixed stars drift over time relative to the seasons... but our mainstream western astrology hasn't adjusted for changing astronomy since before the dark ages.

     The practice of true sidereal astrology uses a zodiac accurate to the constellations of the actual heavens. This is the way that astrology was originally practiced by the ancients. Sky-watchers including the Egyptians, Maya, Sumerians, Babylonians, Tibetan, Chinese, and Indian cultures all used systems of astrology based on the actual stars and planets, and sidereal charts and data.  True sidereal astrology uses uneven signs that reflect the boundaries of the zodiacal constellations themselves, resolving the difference between zodiac and the stars, and returning to the ancient roots of the practice.  The constellations and their sidereal mythologies are the heart and root of our modern ideas about the astrological signs, and by returning to astronomical accuracy, true sidereal astrology seeks to bring our understanding of the heavens into a balance of ancient and modern - of East and West - in order to better understand the relationship between the world above and the world below.

The true sidereal zodiac uses the stars of the actual heavens... each constellation is a different size.

     I've followed and studied astrology for two decades... in that time I've been mentored by several teachers including Christine Gonze Conrad and Athen Chimenti.  I seek to empower people through a holistic approach to natal chart interpretation and predictive analysis.  
     I believe in choice and personal responsibility... when we gain an understanding of the forces at work in our lives, we can begin to align with them for greater effectiveness in our endeavors and our personal growth.  At the same time, we also become empowered to accept the cosmic forces at work, and those aspects of our experience which may transcend our ability to change them.  This holistic approach to astrology seeks to empower us by acknowledging both our freedoms and limitations, so that we can move through the world in a more knowledgeable and realistic way.  
    My practice is informed by over 20 years of meditation practice and a lifelong interest in deep personal development.  I believe that an accurate map of one's personality, psyche, and life path is one of the most meaningful offerings I can make as a sidereal astrologer.  Knowledge of what makes us unique as individuals... and what makes us an integrated part of the cosmos... how to align with the greater flow, and relate to the world in a primordial way... this is the vision that I seek to share.

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